About the Platform

Your business doesn’t just need new talent. It needs the right new talent. 

Outcome Campus Connect will connect you to students that best match your experiential job opportunity. Find out how it works.

Benefits for Employers

Employers can reach the right candidates at university and college job boards, with ONE job posting:

  • Outcome Campus Connect will connect you to students across Canada that match your experiential job opportunities
  • Connect with students at university and college job boards, through integration with Orbis
  • Access talent from over 1 million student accounts with just one experiential job posting on Magnet
  • Direct your posting to specific schools, programs, and regions
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes through creation of an account on Magnet

How it works


Through Outcome Campus Connect functionality, employers on the Magnet network connect to students at university and college job boards with just one job posting


Students access job postings through a searchable stream of experiential job opportunities on Orbis from their school


Students are re-directed to apply to the opportunity on the employers’ Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

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Do you represent an Industry Association?

Magnet partners with over 65 industry associations across Canada, across multiple sectors and geographies. By becoming a Magnet Partner, your industry association can bring Outcome Campus Connect functionality to member businesses, for free.

Connect with Magnet staff to find out about the benefits of becoming a Magnet partner.

Platform Partners

Employment and Social Development Canada is pleased to support the collaboration of Magnet and Orbis to improve the facilitation of matching work integrated learning opportunities between employers and post-secondary institutions.

This experiential learning technology platform is supported by a Magnet’s network of multi-sectoral partners

Funding provided by

As part of the Student Work Placement Program, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) supported the development of Outcome Campus Connect.